Meetings of the papermaker’s union



Rejuvenated and revitalized, the Atip convention surprised everyone with its work spaces, technical workshops and conferences led by papermaker and supplier duos. Following the rugby match that took place during the last convention, this year an unforgettable evening was hosted by the Allimand group; a sound and light show, with more than 240 people taking part, an increased participation rate of more than 35%.

The next edition is already scheduled for 2016, the 8th and 9th of November in Grenoble.

Source photo: Revue du Papier Carton

4th industrial revolution



Prior to the 68th ATIP “the Paper Industry Technical Association” convention 24-26 November – GRENOBLE

INTERVIEW with Franck RETTMEYER, Chairman & CEO of the group ALLIMAND, designer and manufacturer of paper machines (Rives-38)

The upcoming Paper Union meetings bringing together paper makers, suppliers, technical centres and engineering schools (68th ATIP “the Paper Industry Technical Association” convention) will be held in Grenoble from the 24th to the 26th November. In this framework one of the themes which will be discussed is “the industry of the future in view of the 4th industrial revolution: can we access digital progress? Myth or reality?”.

Interview with Franck RETTMEYER, chairman & CEO of the group ALLIMAND, French designer and manufacturer of paper machines in Rives (38) and President of SYMOP, Paper Group.

Today we are going through a transitional period particularly with regards to energy, digital technology, ecology, organization and society in general. It is having an impact on all industrial production activities. As the Chairman of SYMOP, paper machine group, can you tell us what the paper making industry context data is today? What is the demand? What are the challenges?

As a representative of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of the paper making industry (Chairman of SYMOP – paper group), what interests us is to participate in the modernization of the industrial tool for our paper making customers in France, Europe, America, Asia and the rest of the World. An incredible world market where our companies can sell anything, where they want and to who they want. The only restriction being limited geographical areas or local conflicts, wars but also embargoes, a weapon used more and more by the Americans for example. An incredible market is at our, manufacturers and suppliers, disposition owing to the globalization of the market.

This future development will bring with it the following consequences:

  • The development of industrial internet and online objects creating a permanent dialogue between customers, manufacturers and suppliers,
  • The means of design which are offered to our companies,
  • The means of real time control and analysis with therefore improved traceability,
  • The management of flows and the balance between production and customer needs,
  • Automated production and the development of robots in our factories to carry out part of the production, production storage with autonomous AGVs, the associated software. In 10 years time, 40% of jobs will be carried out by robots instead of humans! A real issue in our society which will have an impact mainly on tertiary jobs such as banks and administrative type public sector jobs,
  • Manufacturing using 3D printers, an astonishing tool soon to be within everyone’s reach,
  • Maintenance by remote and predictive maintenance systems.

How does the ALLIMAND group position itself? What are the main objectives to be followed in priority? Optimisation of your competitiveness, accessing new markets, new processes…? What is your main objective and allocated budget?

ALLIMAND’s priority is the geographical presence of the group and the development of new products. The budget set aside for these two priorities is between 5 and 10% of our annual turnover depending on the years, which is a lot.

What working method have you put in place concerning the future industrial development plan at ALLIMAND?

Firstly, observation to understand this major change. Secondly, we need to put the necessary measures in place to revolutionise our organisation and order processing capabilities. Our action plan will be developed over a long term period.

What message do you want to send out about the industry of the future? What do you think are the key success factors?

An incredible technological offer is at our companies’ disposition, the most extraordinary lever being hyper connection and robots. The drawback being the evolution of jobs not qualified with hyper automation and connection, a societal problem that could be resolved by a universal subsistence income (a basic allowance given with no conditions) like in Finland. Is society ready to go in this direction, and in particular, France? That’s the question.


25th November:

4pm – 5.45pm: GRENOBLE / ALPEXPO: : Round-table conference held by Jérôme BONALDI: “Industry of the future in view of the 4th industrial revolution”. Can we access digital progress? Myth or reality? Nine perspectives to be explored to push the limits of our industry: doubts or hopes?

7.45pm: RIVES / ALLIMAND: :Official ATIP gala evening with the presence of 250 actors of the French and European papermaking profession and local political representatives.

Pap'Argus conference



Photo Valérie Lechiffre – Magazine “La Papeterie” – ENP Publishing Group

It’s Jean-Pierre Brice Capitalmind,managing partner, who ran the round-table conference dedicated to the French leaders of the paper making industry. What qualities are needed to succeed and what actions need to be taken? In his opening statement, Jean-Pierre Brice mentioned the well-known Mittlestand, the middle market companies which are Germany’s industrial backbone. According to him, in order to become a leader, several criteria must be fulfilled: “Higher than average results in its activity sector, investment and a leadership on target markets”. The companies that participated in the round-table conference fulfil part or all of these criteria. “Furthermore, their shareholders are largely family and, for two of them, they are run by women”, observed Jean-Pierre.

The participants brought together were :

  • Sylvie Casenave-Pere, Chairwoman of Posson Packaging
  • Simon Cena, Managing Director of d’Allimand
  • Nathalie Chapusot, Managing Director marketing /sales and e-commerce delegate for Raja
  • Antonio Monteiro, Managing Director “FCR” of Paprec
  • Jean-Marie Nusse, Managing Director delegate of Exacompta-Clairefontame
  • David Schisler, Chairman of Schisler Packaging Solutions

The vision of the paper machine manufacturer Allimand, was also very clear. Simon Cena highlighted the main assets of the company which is based just outside of Grenoble : “Its independence (with 62% of shareholders being family members), development keeping with market evolution, charismatic leaders, choice, very early on, large-scale exports – in Europe, Asia, North America and tomorrow, we hope in South America – technological know-how and services”. However, the company has chosen to keep the manufacturing of its machines in France. Finally, it meets the needs of traditional and high value added paper making markets (nonwoven, cigarette paper, etc).




It was in September 2014 that the Tunisian group SOTIPAPIER placed an order with the company ALLIMAND for the rebuild of the paper machine No. 2 at their mill in Belli.

This order came from the close contact established between the two companies. ALLIMAND had the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the operation of the machine 2 in order to offer SOTIPAPIER a coherent investment project focusing on rebuilding the press section and the dryer part.

For the SOTIPAPIER Group, this investment involved the production capacity expansion for kraft paper, increasing the gross output of the paper machine no 2 and improving its efficiency and overall performance. The good prospects of the kraft paper market in Tunisia and neighboring countries, coupled with the excellent position of SOTIPAPIER in this sector made this investment a major issue for the group. The trust put in ALLIMAND to carry out this project enhanced the expertise of the French Company in the field of wrapping paper and reinforced its cultural and linguistic proximity with its Tunisian production site environment.

To overcome the main bottlenecks of the paper machine and improve its energy efficiency, ALLIMAND undertook a complete rebuild of the press section by streamlining the sheet path, refurbishing some of the existing equipment and by mounting an ALLIMAND NAOS shoe press with a linear pressure of 1200kN/m.

This equipment, ideal for wrapping paper, increases the dryness of the sheet before it is transferred to the dryer section. This reduces sheet breaks and widely optimizes the steam consumption in the dryer part.

With certain existing elements of the dryer part being obsolete and inefficient, ALLIMAND replaced all doctor, siphon and steam box assemblies.

Based on the principle of a turnkey project, this order included, in addition to the reconstruction equipment of the press section and the dryer part, all the necessary auxiliary equipment for the correct running of the machine: hydraulic system, control system, piping, wiring.

The project also included the complete installation of all equipment provided, supervision and start-up as well as comprehensive training to familiarize operators with this totally new equipment.

Another important part of this order involved a large gantry crane which was designed and installed by ALLIMAND to enable the assembly and maintenance of the shoe press. The mass of which, far exceeded the capacity of the existing lifting equipment. A problem such as this is classic in shoe press installation projects on average sized machines situated in old buildings. However the pitfall was entirely solved by ALLIMAND who implemented a comprehensive and reliable solution for the maintenance team, enabling them to operate this new equipment in the best possible conditions.

In June 2015, as scheduled, the machine was stopped 14 days for the installation and commissioning of the equipment supplied, the gantry crane having previously been installed.

The sheet was engaged in the new press section quicker than initially planned. This result reflects the excellent day-to-day cooperation between the SOTIPAPIER and ALLIMAND teams.

After the start up, the optimisation of production conditions was quickly palpable. The average daily speed increased largely due to the higher dry content of the sheet at the outlet of the press section, the increased drying efficiency in the dryer part, but mainly due to the reduced number of paper breaks.

At the same time, the specific steam consumption decreased, this being a direct consequence of the change of siphons and steam boxes and higher dry content.

Following the machine start-up, the SOTIPAPIER operators will now become familiar with the new production requirements, while having the security of being assisted remotely by ALLIMAND specialists if needed. Indeed, a link allows an ALLIMAND control specialist to control all parameters of the new equipment from a distance and perform troubleshooting in the case of anomalies undetected by the mill personnel.

On this basis, the SOTIPAPIER group will strengthen its position on its market and has the target of an identical project for the second paper machine at the Belli mill, the paper machine n° 3.

AMES, new subsidiary in China



After more than 25 years of presence in China, the ALLIMAND Group has consolidated its foothold in Asia and opened its first subsidiary in China!

Present in China since the late 1980s, the ALLIMAND Group, designer, manufacturer of paper machines for the paper industry, recently officially opened its new subsidiary “ALLIMAND SHANGHAI” managed by Mr. Laurent VILLAIN. This fully independent subsidiary will meet its development ambitions in Asia, given that China represents 30 to 60 % of total turnover, according to order figures….

Strengthening ALLIMAND’s presence in China

“Already more than 20 ALLIMAND complete paper machines are operated on Chinese soil, not to mention rebuilt machines,” explains Franck Rettmeyer, ALLIMAND Chairman & CEO. The opening of the “ALLIMAND SHANGHAI” subsidiary serves several purposes. The first is naturally to assist ALLIMAND’s commercial activity, responding to the increased demand for services required by its customers. «Exchange on site with competent partners is a definite competitive advantage,” says Franck Rettmeyer.

Optimizing the efficiency of ALLIMAND’s services

The second goal is naturally to respond using the local language and professionalize the services offered, through the hiring of senior Chinese interlocutors, trained within the ALLIMAND culture. “Being able to take Chinese orders, especially spare parts and services associated with our paper machines allows us to charge directly in RMB, in response to requests from our customers,” continues Franck Rettmeyer. The team is already on site and consists of five people, including a French paper industry engineer wishing to settle in China with his wife.

Strengthening implantation in a strategic town: Zhejiang Province (Shanghai)

The choice of location remains strategic. ALLIMAND set up it’s new subsidiary in Shanghai because of the considerable establishment of papermakers in this area. This paper “Silicon Valley” gathers all the plants specialized in the production of paper with very high added value.

Complying with Chinese culture, the new ALLIMAND Group offices have all the necessary facilities (auditorium conference rooms, private meeting rooms…) to receive not only Chinese customers, but also foreign prospects that cross China. Contracts initiated by Chinese contractors and others for whom ALLIMAND has the ability to position itself as a potential supplier.

“The coming months and years will allow us to consolidate our presence, to acculturate our Management and to get used to working with foreign subsidiaries,” concluded Franck Rettmeyer, confident about the capacity and the managerial skills of his teams.

Rives: Economy



On the 9th of June, Franck RETTMEYER, Chairman and CEO of the company ALLIMAND in Rives, designer and manufacturer of paper machines for the papermaking industry since 1850, met with Alain DEZEMPTE, Mayor of Rives. The aim of this informal meeting was to discuss ALLIMAND’s situation and the economic development of the town. A particularly pleasant and slightly atypical meeting as Franck RETTMEYER’s father, Christian, was the town mayor for Rives more than 20 years ago before Alain DEZEMPTE started his mandates…

An awareness of the economic world since 2001

“Since my first mandate, I wanted to meet the different companies in my town” declared Alain DEZEMPTE, Mayor of Rives. “At the time, I only received three positive responses, one of which from ALLIMAND. We have always maintained a courteous relationship and we therefore set in motion our idea or organising “breakfast meetings” with the companies located in Rives, but without much success. Since then, Rives has joined the greater local economic community which has the economic capacity”. This integration has accelerated investment, for example the renovation of the train station, the Rives secondary school, the residence “le temps des cerises” and the motorway interchange area where more than 73 ha are dedicated to the economy. “It’s a significant improvement” emphasises the Mayor.

Break the solitude by the “network” effect and meetings with the companies of the town

Franck RETTMEYER highlights that when a business owner wishes to set up a business in the town, one of the first steps is to get in contact with the mayor. Generally, business owners deplore the solitude of their position which is why the “network” provides the ideal opportunity to exchange and present their ideas and draw on their colleagues’ “good practice”. The CEO of ALLIMAND is disappointed that the companies in Rives know very little about each other.

September, the beginning of meetings between the businesses in Rives

The Mayor of Rives feels strongly about town independence and is firmly committed to making his town ever more attractive. Alain DEZEMPTE sets in motion the local business “breakfast meetings”, the first one after the summer holidays in September and naturally on Allimand’s premises.

“I would like to highlight the high performance of the ALLIMAND group whose growth perspectives are looking particularly positive for the months to come and its strong social policy” concludes the Mayor. “We continue to support the ALLIMAND group and work for the greater Voiron area, beyond the town of Rives, and its economic development!”

ALLIMAND reinforces its leadership in China



Challenge met! The ALLIMAND Group, French designer and manufacturer of paper machines for the paper industry, will put into operation in July 2015, a new paper machine with very high added value, for one of China’s largest paper manufacturers, Minfeng HI-TECH. The new contract, signed in September 2013, following the launch of an international invitation to tender, reinforces ALLIMAND’s leadership in China in the expertise of designing and manufacturing specialty paper machines.

A long and complex international bidding process

“The Chinese call for international offers for which we submitted a bid incorporated many procedures” explains Franck Rettmeyer, Chairman & CEO ALLIMAND. “The customer finally selected two companies. During the different phases of evaluation, they were especially impressed by ALLIMAND’s technology and prestigious references especially those in China.”

The customer, a major listed company in China

The client, MINFENG HI-TECH, a leading Chinese paper manufacturer and producer of specialty papers, had to conduct a capital investment, both to fund this new machine and the new plant that will host the new site near SHANGHAI, in the province of Zhejiang. This Province, the “Silicon Valley” of papermaking in China, brings together all the plants specialized in the production of paper with very high added value.

A paper machine with very high added value

This machine will aim to produce special paper with very high added value for the Chinese and Asian market. ALLIMAND will provide the complete machine, the stock preparation line and certain auxiliary equipment. The startup will be performed in collaboration with the customer in July. Over thirty people will be dedicated just for the operation of this machine and its auxiliary equipment…

… and controlled energy performance

Particular attention was paid to the level of the electrical energy, water and steam consumption in order to optimize the energy performance of the machine.

The client chose to name this new equipment “Machine No. 1”. Could this be a sign…? To be continued…!




Interview with Franck RETTMEYER, Chairman & CEO ALLIMAND


The ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper machines for the paper industry, reports a record order backlog after a subdued second half of 2014. The Commercial Team and ALLIMAND Research & Development took up the challenge to develop a dynamic development strategy. Meanwhile, a major training device, strongly supported by the state, was set up with its staff. Six months later, ALLIMAND faces a backlog of the best years in its history! Focus…

Mr RETTMEYER, the company ALLIMAND went through a slow down period in the last quarter of last year. So how do you explain that ALLIMAND exports more than 85% of its production and carries this know-how on into the 6th generation…?

Yes, we had an activity almost satisfactory until July 2014, and then from September 2014 to January 2015 our business was lower than our production capacity. This period was not negative because we took the opportunity to launch an extensive training plan.

What were the conditions of the training plan?

This is the DIRRECTE, Regional Department of Enterprise, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment, which strongly supported us in conducting this training plan AME * for all our voluntary staff. A total of 70 people of all categories: production operators, Design Department technicians, administrative employees and the company executives, have benefited from training to meet the needs of the Company: information technology, languages, risk analysis, papermaking process management, welding, programming numerical control machine-tools, handling, adaptation, skills development, etc.

What was the amount of the training budget?

112,000 €. I would especially like to thank Ms Chantal LUCCHINO, Head of Service to the economic mutation DIRRECTE, who granted us her confidence. In return, of course, we have not made any redundancies.

Can you explain why the end of 2014 was difficult for ALLIMAND?

Customers had fewer projects, the economic slowdown in Europe continued, growth remained slow and so our customers invested less. In addition, they face the development of electronic communication and must adapt. Some have stopped their production capacities, others thought about transforming their equipment or have diversified to other kinds of paper such as packaging or paper with very high added value.

At ALLIMAND, we used this time to develop a very intensive business development plan and the work paid off! We won two significant orders early 2015, 2 technical paper machines in China, and 1 machine with high added value for a high profile institution in France, finally, modifications of existing machines in France, Germany, Great Britain, Tunisia, Czech Republic, etc.

Commercially, you have also opened a new office in Shanghai in 2014, haven’t you?

Yes, for this new site, the controls are significant and I want to emphasize the rapid repercussions for ALLIMAND and success of our commercial teams.

Did the year 2014 remind you of the period you crossed during the international crisis of 2009?

No, this one was very different. It corresponded with the introduction of a new strategy of our customers, who dragged out their decision making from the end of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015.

What lessons do you draw from this experience?

Well, a company like ALLIMAND, SME specialized in heavy capital goods, is always dependent on the international market. This has been the case for many years! I also want to emphasize that the current policy of the European Central Bank is an excellent policy! The Euro is very competitive, which allows us to be attractive and export abroad. I remain convinced that the support of banks should allow Europe to resume growth at the beginning of 2016-2017.

In addition, we have just taken an order for a paper machine to be installed on French soil! I would especially like to thank the prestigious institution that put their trust in us.

Moreover, we took advantage of this time to raise the level of our teams’ skills through a heavy investment of over one million euros which affects the entire organisation of the company (ERP / PLM**). The objective is to enable us to optimise the management of the company, launch orders, development and monitoring.

In conclusion, it’s “all systems go” for a few years…?

Yes, for at least 18 months. All systems go, the activity is very strong and we are making the most of this time to consolidate our new organisation, namely the integration of our new office in Shanghai in ALLIMAND’s organisation and the launch of new products on the market.

I am a happy CEO! I’m happy that the company’s evolution is taking a turn for the better. I thank all the staff for having taken up the challenge! ALLIMAND will more than double its turnover in 2015 and faces a backlog of the best years in its history to surpass the first quarter of 2015, 72 million Euros.

* AME : Support for economic change. The AME’s approach uses methods of anticipation or accompaniment in modifications and evolutions (Commitments related to employment and skills development, assistance in employment and skills preliminary management consultancy, FNE-Training) which are integrated into a united and simplified framework. Source:

** ERP/PLM: Enterprise Resource Planning / Product Lifecycle Management

ALLIMAND: "Business Leader of the Year"


ALLIMAND désignée « Entreprise leader de l’année » Aux Trophées de l’Economie 2013 de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Grenoble

On the occasion of the 2013 Business Awards organized each year by the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ALLIMAND as a designer and manufacturer of paper machines established since 1850 in Rives (i.e. six generations), ranked 1st among 1 000 SMBs in Isère (department in the Rhône-Alpes region) and won the “Business Leader” Award…

A growth of nearly 81 % …!

This Award is given as a reward for the outstanding growth of our Business (nearly 81 % in 2012) as the result of a diversification marketing strategy and significantly innovative products. “This important increase in the company sales revenue is closely linked to the fact that 3 paper machines have been sold in that period along with many orders for equipment refurbishment concerning alterations or significant improvements meeting with the new market demands” explains Franck RETTMEYER, ALLIMAND CEO.

Questions and Answers with ALLIMAND CEO, Franck RETTMEYER:

What does this Award represent for ALLIMAND? For yourself…?

It is always good to receive such an Award in spite of their increasing numbers within the last years. At the region level, this Award does make sense because our company is in competition with many local businesses. Moreover, for ALLIMAND staff it is a valuable recognition for their work performance. And I do share the same feeling.

What are your next challenges for the 3 coming years?

To remain a key player in this difficult market environment as every year the counter restarts from zero. More seriously, to consolidate our growth, keep on developing new products and seek new markets.

What are the main Prizes or Awards you have won over the last years and which were the consequences on the development of your business?

A prize for Big Export in 2011; the consequence of that was good in particular with our foreign customers and also other partners such as banks, BPI (French Public Bank of Investment) and so on.



To meet with the needs for diversifying paper types and the increasing demand for new surface applications: the “SC-Sizer” is innovative technology & boosts the development of new market shares…!

After the latest announcement made for our new shoe press pilot called “FAROS”, ALLIMAND, designer and manufacturer of paper machines and paper industry equipment based in the Rhône-Alpes region, continues its dynamic growth and strengthens its position by offering a new technology : the SC- SIZER in order to target new markets …

Market context

The level of customer demands is growing both in quality and quantity, i.e. for the paper surface finish: resistance, silky feel, enlarged functionalities … etc. To find out an answer to these challenges encountered for all paper types (paper industry, wrapping, paperboard box , labels, etc..), ALLIMAND’s Research & Development Department has designed a new technology at the beginning of year 2012 aimed at making it easier to apply foreign products on the paper sheet in order to alter the surface finish easily. Let’s focus on …

Enlarged applications

« With the launch of 1st technology « A-Sizer » a few years ago, ALLIMAND has developed further this technology with the « SC-Sizer » to increase its offer to customers and meet with their needs for diversifying paper types along with enlarged possibilities for paper surface applications » explains Simon CENA, ALLIMAND’s Managing Director.

How to ease work & optimize machine operators’ performance

The simplification of the main functions of the SC-Sizer head – locking the applicator rod, adjusting the head position – enables one hand to extend applications and on another hand to ease work for paper machine operators. « This shift in the design of head manufacturing optimizes the machine cleaning thanks to a greater visibility of the access areas. It also increases operators’ safety » says Simon CENA.

With a very compact size the SC-Sizer head can easily be installed to replace existing obsolete heads enabling a significant gain of space in most cases.

How to produce more with a higher quality standard & target new markets

The paper manufacturers will be in a position to offer new innovative products to their customers and save energy due to a reduced drying time for the paper sheet after the coating process.

The SC-Sizer will thus open new markets to ALLIMAND and makes it possible to win several projects by offering market opportunities for speciality or wrapping papers for example. The SC-Sizer has proved to be a business success with references in Europe and Asia.

New shoe press pilot



ALLIMAND, designer and manufacturer of paper machines and paper industry equipment, continues its dynamic growth and develops its R&D skills by manufacturing a new shoe press pilot designed to optimize the performance of the paper sheet pressing and save energy. This new pilot named FAROS is installed on ALLIMAND’s industrial site in Rives (Isère, Rhône-Alps region) and its parts are also manufactured on an industrial scale.

Green technology: “Produce more with less energy”

The shoe press technology keeps on expanding and taking a leading position for the manufacturing of continually varying paper types (packing paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper…and so on).

Major advantages of this technology enable:

  • To reach high dryness levels, while maintaining the paper sheet structure ; It is possible to enlarge its applications beyond packing papers for which this technology was previously limited.
  • To save energy, on the paper sheet drying process as a result of the maximum pressing performance obtained with this technology.

A smart combination for an optimized operating performance

ALLIMAND is one of the very few paper machinery manufacturers to offer a single nip press section, hence called « Single Shoe Press». This pilot enables to use shoes with different shapes. It is fully equipped in order to control the drainage distribution between the upper and lower felts and which allows the optimization of the felt characteristics which is the main component for a successful shoe press installation.

A new technology designed to strengthen the credibility of our offer

“Our objective aims at offering our customers all-inclusive shoe press installations perfectly adapted to their products” says Simon CENA, ALLIMAND’s Managing Director. “With a leading position thanks to this technology, we will strengthen the credibility of our offer with our international customers.”

Technical data of the new Pilot:

  • Maximum speed of 1800 m/mn
  • Pressure of 1400 kN/m
  • Possible to use shoes with different shapes.
  • Fully equipped in order to control the drainage distribution between the upper and lower felts

Allimand Agents Days



The 4 – 5 & 6 July, ALLIMAND, Designer and manufacturer of paper machines and paper industry equipment, organised at the headquarters in RIVES, the “ALLIMAND Agents Days” with all their agents. This was an opportunity to review the company’s results and strategic projects for the next few years.


“This international seminar is an excellent way to bring everyone together and both reinforce our privileged relations with all our ALLIMAND agents from around the world and inform them of our strategic evolutions” explained Franck RETTMEYER, Chairman & CEO.

15 nationalities represented

The following countries were represented: Germany, Australia, Austria, China, Korea, USA, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Tunisia and Turkey.

Technology & communication

The first two days were packed with strategic and technological information followed by a visit of the workshops. “Our International Agents were impressed by the high technological level that ALLIMAND has reached over these last three years” adds Fabrice GILET, Sales Manager. The numerous questions that followed the conferences given by ALLIMAND’s sales and technical managers showed the strong interest the agents have on the subjects broached.

To conclude the “ALLIMAND Agents Days”

Saturday was spent visiting Lyon’s historical old town, where from Saint Paul to Saint Georges, the ALLIMAND team walked around the areas of Lyon dating back to the Medieval and Renaissance periods…

These three days reflected the conviviality and excellent spirit generally felt by the group with the combination of hi-tech technology, heritage and cultural richness.





Mr RETTMEYER, while the French government debt, for the 1st time since the Second World War is going to equal its national wealth, France is in a recession, unemployment is increasing and inequalities are growing, the company ALLIMAND, that you are the head of, has just doubled its turnover between 2012 and 2011 (72M€), while keeping the same employment structure… How do you explain this significant increase?

Franck RETTMEYER : In our profession, it’s fairly typical. We manufacture heavy machinery… For our turnover to increase considerably, we only need to take between one and three large orders. However, the turnover is not long term… In 2012, we had a high demand for technical paper machines producing high added value paper. Our technology and references meet this market demand.


Around 85% of ALLIMAND’s turnover is generated abroad… Yet you are a French company, the 6th generation. How, with the Montebourg-Mittal and Depardieu-Ayrault affairs and more recently the Jérôme CAHUZAC trial, do you stand up to your customers with this degraded image of France…?

Franck RETTMEYER : I do every now and then avoid saying that I’m French, which is absurd, especially in Asia where the “HOLLANDE” tax system is incomprehensible.

It’s clear that the positions taken by our Government are not productive for French companies and therefore employment.

3) ALLIMAND’s PERSPECTIVES for 2013 – 2014

In 2012 ALLIMAND continued its international installation strategy with the opening of its new office, APMS, in Spain, and then on the American continent with the installation of a new pilot machine in Albany, New York State.

What are you preparing for the months to come and what new countries are you targeting ?

Franck RETTMEYER : A company covering the whole world must have a base in countries other than its country of origin. Especially as in Asia in 2015, a large market area free of tax is in preparation… We’ll no doubt come back to this subject when the time comes.


In comparison to Germany who, since 2000 and the arrival of Gehrard SCHRÖDER, had undertaken courageous and painful reforms (drop in government spending, increased labour market flexibility, corporate tax reduction, reduction of labour costs…). What motivates intermediate scale enterprise business owners to remain in France today?

Franck RETTMEYER: In France, not all is bad… France will be a part of Europe for a long time yet, at least I hope it will. In every company there is tradition, know-how that is built up over several years. Our education system is renowned for producing high quality engineers and technicians and our engineering universities have good reputations, PAGORA for example which trains excellent engineers and technicians some of whom find jobs abroad. With regards to operators, the professional training isn’t nearly as good. Recruiting good mechanical operators for example will become a problem in the next few years.

However what is distinctly less efficient is the 35 hour working week, complete madness, the restrictive tax system endured by our companies. Our politicians don’t understand the modern world and don’t accept globalisation.

Faced with this situation, France has 5 million unemployed people and has become less and less competitive and so less attractive for investors or job creators.

The recession, the drop in spending power, the drop in consumption, the political instability in France are all making our country grow poorer so yes why not go where there is growth, a market and where entrepreneurship is considered a true value!

A new contract in China



CHINA – Zhejiang Province near Shanghai: The company ALLIMAND, has just delivered 2 headboxes to the Chinese company, Zhejiang KAN Specialities Materials Co Ltd, whose target it is to become the world’s first supplier of capacitor papers. This order has strengthened ALLIMAND’s position as a main actor on the technical paper market, renowned by the Asian world…

A difficult challenge to take on

Specialised in technical and non-woven papers, the Chinese company Zhejiang Kan was regularly confronted with problems regarding quality (formation, basis weight profile) due to inadequate formation technology. With a workforce of 700 people and workshops housing 10 paper machines, the company was looking for a partner capable of supplying advanced technological equipment and meeting the ever increasing high standards of quality required of its papers with basis weights as low as 8 g/m² (2).

The ever increasing high standards of quality required

“Approached as speciality paper (capacitor paper, filter paper) and non-woven paper (teabags, vacuum cleaner bags, release paper) experts, we won the contract, thanks to the recent technological developments that we have perfected over the last two years. ALLIMAND proves through its dynamic R&D strategy, its wish to provide its customers with high performing technology which meets the ever increasing market quality standards” explains Fabrice GILET, ALLIMAND’s Sales Director.

ALLIMAND renowned as a world actor of higher added value papers

This contract demonstrates not only ALLIMAND’s know-how but also its worldwide recognition on the market in terms of its ability with regards to higher added value technical papers.

ALLIMAND has other projects in progress in China, in particular the 21st complete paper machine to be delivered at the end of 2013 in the South of China for the production of speciality papers.

(2) : (2): By way of comparison, a sheet of paper weighs 60 to 80 g/m².

With its incredible leverage effect that is the Asian market, it is more than likely that the company ALLIMAND will continue to diversify its products in order to optimise its growth dynamic.

Loris BAZ, vecteur d'image mondiale



At the start of the season in Europe and with the 2013 Bol d’Or coming up, ALLIMAND has just signed a sponsorship with the motorbike rider Loris BAZ, who is participating in this year’s Superbike World Championship.

What is the common denominator between the company ALLIMAND, designer and manufacturer of paper machines since 1850 destined for the world’s paper industry, and Loris BAZ, a 20 year old rider, an official rider for the Kawasaki team…? Mechanics, but not only…!


Worldwide exposure

“A Superbike Championship benefits from worldwide media coverage and our market is worldwide…!” states Franck RETTMEYER, ALLIMAND Chairman & CEO. “Furthermore, the Asian community is a huge fan of motorbike competitions and is our N°1 market at the moment!”

Strong values unanimously shared

Surpassing oneself, constant challenge, continual risk-taking, wish to always move forward and progress, chivalrous ideals… The values for which Loris BAZ stands totally won over the ALLIMAND Chairman & CEO. “From high level motor sports to ALLIMAND’s sector, it’s the perfect union!” continues Franck RETTMEYER. “Machine and man working together to produce exceptionally high quality papers where process and equipment are tightly linked in order to achieve the expected results.”

15 possibilities to make the name ALLIMAND seen in 2013…!

From February to October 2013, Loris BAZ is determined to promote the name ALLIMAND, thanks to his participation in the 15 Superbike World Championship races (Aragon in Spain, Bol d’Or at Magny Cours, Azen in the Netherlands, etc) and via the media coverage; press, TV, social networking which will follow the event… Objective? TO WIN!

Loris BAZ has what it takes to succeed and the added advantage of speaking English, German, Spanish and Italian fluently. Accompanied by Adrien MORILLAS who is well-known in the biking world and his mental and physical trainer, Dominique SIMONCINI, he declares himself ready to take up the challenge…! At 330 km/h, he is not afraid of the risk involved… And Franck RETTMEYER, a fan of high level motor sports concludes “it’s your passion for the sport that makes you forget the danger!”