ATIP 2015


Photo Valérie Lechiffre – Magazine “La Papeterie” – ENP Publishing Group

A skilfully produced light show set off the machinery in the workshops and set the tone for the exceptional gala evening held at the Allimand headquarters in Rives. A warm welcome for the 250 guests and perfect organization; everything to make for an enjoyable evening.

The gala, like in 2010, was held on the Allimand premises and was a huge success: a good turnout, excellent tempo and a gypsy band to generate a lively atmosphere. This year, Hugues Leydier, Daniel Gomez and Virginie Batais were joined by the journalist and presenter, Jérôme Bonaldi, who having participated in the convention opening ceremony and run the round-table conference, naturally played a part in the evening ceremony as well. As usual, the Progress Trophies and Palmes Innovation awards were presented.