Early this year, the ALLIMAND Group, French designer and manufacturer of paper machines for the paper industry, Rives (38 – Isère – Rhône-Alpes), has just taken a new order for a latest generation hydraulic headbox, to replace one of the existing headboxes of its Asian customer.

The customer, ASIA KRAFT PAPER Group Co, Ltd, is a leading Thai actor in the packaging sector. Highly integrated, it has several processing plants and a paper production plant for packaging, fluting & liner papers on the outskirts of Bangkok.

With a clear technologically competitive advantage, ALLIMAND was quickly able to turn the decision in its favour and convince ASIA KRAFT PAPER to once again put their trust in the industrial SME.

The Asian Customer: ASIA KRAFT PAPER Co, Ltd Group

ALLIMAND is a long-standing partner of the ASIA KRAFT Group, including having delivered and started up the largest of the 2 paper machines in 2002; a complete production line of corrugated base paper with a capacity of 150,000 t/year.

It’s more recently on the oldest paper machine, that ALLIMAND machinery was requested by the ASIA KRAFT Group, with the delivery and commissioning in 2014 of a new FP ALLIMAND headbox for the top wire of the 2 wire part paper machine.

“Latest generation” hydraulic headbox design

Encouraged by the excellent results obtained with this ALLIMAND “SII” headbox on the top layer of this machine, ALLIMAND naturally became a candidate for the replacement of the bottom headbox, decided by the Thai group ASIA KRAFT PAPER Co, Ltd. For this new headbox, ALLIMAND offers the latest evolution S4 of its hydraulic headbox, a concept particularly suitable for flow rates of the lower layer.

A clear competitive “high performance” technological edge

All features (see box below) allow ALLIMAND be able to offer its customers a high-performance hydraulic headbox at a perfectly managed price, capable of covering a wide range of applications on different types of paper.

These technical and economic specificities fulfil all criteria which will enable the ALLIMAND hydraulic headbox S4 to quickly obtain a list of references, after the registration of the order for the group ASIA KRAFT PAPER Co., Ltd., Thailand…

Specificities and technical advantages of the “latest generation” ALLIMAND hydraulic headbox

ALLIMAND Hydraulic headbox S4 is characterized by an extremely compact design, without any compromises being made in respecting the hydraulic criteria which allow ALLIMAND hydraulic headboxes to deliver a perfectly homogeneous spray and an optimum deflocculating effect.

As part of a machine rebuild, its lateral feeding system allows it to be installed on machines with very little space, minimizing the cost of modifying equipment on the approach flow system.

The ALLIMAND hydraulic headbox S4 can be supplied with or without the system of basis weight control by dilution and is suitable for a wide range of papers. It has easy access for cleaning operations by tipping the rear feeding system and if necessary, by the lateral opening of the flanges.