After more than 25 years of presence in China, the ALLIMAND Group has consolidated its foothold in Asia and opened its first subsidiary in China!

Present in China since the late 1980s, the ALLIMAND Group, designer, manufacturer of paper machines for the paper industry, recently officially opened its new subsidiary “ALLIMAND SHANGHAI” managed by Mr. Laurent VILLAIN. This fully independent subsidiary will meet its development ambitions in Asia, given that China represents 30 to 60 % of total turnover, according to order figures….

Strengthening ALLIMAND’s presence in China

“Already more than 20 ALLIMAND complete paper machines are operated on Chinese soil, not to mention rebuilt machines,” explains Franck Rettmeyer, ALLIMAND Chairman & CEO. The opening of the “ALLIMAND SHANGHAI” subsidiary serves several purposes. The first is naturally to assist ALLIMAND’s commercial activity, responding to the increased demand for services required by its customers. «Exchange on site with competent partners is a definite competitive advantage,” says Franck Rettmeyer.

Optimizing the efficiency of ALLIMAND’s services

The second goal is naturally to respond using the local language and professionalize the services offered, through the hiring of senior Chinese interlocutors, trained within the ALLIMAND culture. “Being able to take Chinese orders, especially spare parts and services associated with our paper machines allows us to charge directly in RMB, in response to requests from our customers,” continues Franck Rettmeyer. The team is already on site and consists of five people, including a French paper industry engineer wishing to settle in China with his wife.

Strengthening implantation in a strategic town: Zhejiang Province (Shanghai)

The choice of location remains strategic. ALLIMAND set up it’s new subsidiary in Shanghai because of the considerable establishment of papermakers in this area. This paper “Silicon Valley” gathers all the plants specialized in the production of paper with very high added value.

Complying with Chinese culture, the new ALLIMAND Group offices have all the necessary facilities (auditorium conference rooms, private meeting rooms…) to receive not only Chinese customers, but also foreign prospects that cross China. Contracts initiated by Chinese contractors and others for whom ALLIMAND has the ability to position itself as a potential supplier.

“The coming months and years will allow us to consolidate our presence, to acculturate our Management and to get used to working with foreign subsidiaries,” concluded Franck Rettmeyer, confident about the capacity and the managerial skills of his teams.