Top Former pre-assembly

World leader in the field of speciality papers, ALLIMAND has once again convinced a loyal customer of its know-how and technical expertise in improving the quality of its paper range. Thank you to the Allimand teams for their commitment and professionalism.

Journées portes ouvertures aux écoles

Open Days

May was full of open days at our schools. Most recently, our former students from Grenoble INP-PAGORA welcomed 2nd year apprentice engineers from Grenoble INP-Pagora to the allimand site. In previous weeks, 33 1STI.2D3 students from the Ferdinand Buisson high school in Voiron (LA NAT), along with students from the ELAG production school, learned about Allimand’s business activities, including design, machining, sheet metal work, assembly and maintenance.
The students met technicians and engineers, some of them from NAT or ELAG. The discussions were fruitful, and there was strong demand for more of these days.

Grenoble INP-Pagora

Ferdinand Buisson LA NAT Voiron

ELAG – Production School

ZOOM JOB "R&D Design Draughtsman"

ZOOM JOB “R&D Design Draughtsman

Find out more about Anthony’s career path, from his BAC PRO at Ferdinand Buisson high school, known as “LA NAT”, to his IUT Annecy PRO degree.

DESIGN : valuation tool


A genuine tool for promoting technological innovation, design is now an integral part of our industrial strategy right from the R&D phase.
ALLIMAND industrial design has become a distinctive signature and goes beyond aesthetics. It incorporates functionality, ergonomics and user experience to create a unique, high-performance machine.

恭贺新禧 - Meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année !

Nous souhaitons à nos clients et partenaires Chinois une bonne année et tous nos voeux pour 2024, année du dragon.

We wish our Chinese customers and partners a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2024, the year of the dragon.


2024, New visual identity

The Allimand team wishes you a happy new year. May 2024 provide the opportunity for us all to make our ambitions and projects a reality.

We are also proud to reveal our new visual identity, reflecting our values and our strategy of performance, partnership and innovation.

photo de l'équipe ALLIMAND devant la bobineuse LEMAN

A new winder for "Papeteries du Léman"

photo de l'équipe ALLIMAND devant la bobineuse LEMAN
photo de l’équipe ALLIMAND devant la bobineuse LEMAN

We are very pleased to have welcomed our customer Papeteries du Léman to our workshops for the reception of their new winder.

See you soon for commissioning.

Allimand welcomes Chinese delegation

Délégation chine
Délégation chine

We are proud to welcome a large delegation of one of our good chinese customers for a training session.

Maintenance, automation, best operating practices: that was quite an heavy work week!

Thanks for the nice exchanges and see you soon in china.

Press section rebuild with Naos shoe-press

Time for pre-erection and testing! Our #ALLIMAND NAOS Shoe press has been pre-erected and tested in our workshops to ensure a smooth start up at our Customer premises.
Pre-erection and testing are important steps of our supply chain: all mechanical and hydraulic settings are done in our workshops to gain time during shutdown.


ALLIMAND launch a new generation of hydraulic headbox. This headbox is more compact & more efficient. This advanced model of Headbox named S4 is the result of more than 40 years of development and experience in hydraulic headbox, especially in graphic grades, containerboard, and specialty grades. With a significant number of references installed and successfully started up in all parts of the world, Allimand has earned its strips in 100% hydraulic pulp distribution system. ALLIMAND team is providing to its customers the know-how and the support to develop future specialty grades.

ALLIMAND Group: 1st quarter «in the green»

1st quarter «in the green»:

The honorable order book of the beginning of the year promises an excellent 2018!

A forerunner of a prosperous 2018...? Everything was decided in the space of a few weeks at the beginning of the year. Just days before Spring, the ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper and Nonwovens machines, recognized for its strategy of permanent innovation, demonstrates genuine serenity. Faced with an honorable order book, the group has orders for both high value added special paper machines and paper machine reconstructions in France and Asia…

Two new orders for specialty paper machines in Europe and China ...

The prism of the order book is an excellent indicator and carefully scrutinized; it provides the ability to forecast the annual evolution of the company activity. In less than 3 months, ALLIMAND Group has almost filled its annual order book by registering orders for two new specialty paper machines in Europe and China.

Sensitive to the industrial design of its customer's machines, the ALLIMAND Group has customized these two paper machines. Intended for the production of high added value papers, they showcase a very innovative design for these kinds of applications. Deliveries will run from the end of 2018 to the middle of 2019.

associated with the deployment of its rebuild offer in Europe and Asia

Well positioned in the paper machine rebuild market, the ALLIMAND Group continues its strategy of deployment in Europe and Asia. In France, the group has sold, among other things, two of its S4 Headboxes with profile control by dilution for packaging papers and the modification of a nonwovens machine. In Spain, it will deliver at the end of the second quarter a S4 Headbox with profile control by dilution and a Naos shoe press. Finally, in Asia (China) the Group has signed a contract for stock preparation equipment (refiners) and an Isa Shaking Unit in Indonesia.

«All of these orders represent an order book of more than 60 million euros, which is rather satisfactory, in this first quarter of the year» says Franck RETTMEYER, Chairman & CEO of ALLIMAND Group.

Industry 5.0: Automation - IIOT & Paper machines: the ALLIMAND Group in the active reflection phase

With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), connected objects are starting to make their way into the industry, and corollary of this expansion, connected maintenance. Always driven by the market and innovation, the Group ALLIMAND, designer, manufacturer of paper and Nonwovens machines, is reflecting on the subject. Back to the fundamentals...

From preventive maintenance ...

Who, during a factory visit in the years 80's – 90's, never witnessed an operator stuck on a machine, causing the rupture of a whole production line of? At the time, the industrialists practiced "functional automation". They had their own services to regulate breakdowns (mechanics, electricity, hydraulics ... etc.).

Fortunately, the industrial world has evolved! The evolution of control systems has allowed the visualization of processes and the regrouping of machine information. Operator aids have been put in place to make machine operation easier (visualization of graphics, etc.), and in particular, the first level of assistance for breakdown diagnostics.

"In the last few years, the ALLIMAND Group has initiated a concept of preventive maintenance, aimed at defining the number of operating hours of a part and potentially the need to change it. These services are now managed by the ALLIMAND SERVICES department", explains Gilles TURREL, ALLIMAND's Automation Manager.

To predictive maintenance
Automation is currently moving towards industrial computing. Maintenance and monitoring are not limited to the analysis of data; the goal is to provide users with features to facilitate their tasks.

These features include: storage and sharing of technical documents, report writing tools and trouble tickets, history of data and actions, role management and access rights, a notification system by e-mail and SMS ... etc. And why not move in the medium term, to the preventive maintenance of a speciality machine via connected sensors that will trace the information such as temperature, pressure or level of wear of a part of the machine...?

"When we are able to consolidate this data which is currently capitalized by the ALLIMAND Group's start-up and maintenance technical teams - field data and data provided by the machine control systems - we will then be able to analyze them, define operating matrices, interact on this data remotely and make maintenance predictions" says Gilles TURREL.

A digital innovation strategy 5.0. coupled with a cyber-security need for industrial systems

The ALLIMAND Group is considering a real investment strategy in automation, in order to be able to collect data from remote machines via an advanced digital infrastructure. "It's about moving towards Industry 5.0, production-oriented, in order to collect information to a data acquisition system on a server with careful data analysis" argues Franck RETTMEYER, ALLIMAND Group CEO.

The goal is to be able to interact on this data remotely and to be able to adapt the paper machines accordingly.

In addition to digitization, Franck RETTMEYER also puts the related data security issues into perspective, in order to guard against potential cyber-attacks, given the increasing connectivity of equipment.

The ALLIMAND Group innovates and propels its clients into R&D: a "win-win" hybrid machine concept


International – Paper and nonwoven machines :
The ALLIMAND Group innovates and propels its clients into R&D: a “win-win” hybrid machine concept

Constantly pushed by the high value-added paper markets, nonwovens and specific customer requests, the ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper and nonwoven machines, renowned for its innovation strategy, has just launched a new concept: offer its customers the chance to develop their own products on a pilot and semi-industrial “hybrid” machine. Result? A win-win concept, generator of high added value not only for the group but also for its customers…

The initial customer’s need: a pilot machine and “low industrial production”, geared towards research & development
“November 2015: One of our loyal customers, based in Asia, contacted us to order a machine for R&D on traditional speciality papers”, explains Franck RETTMEYER, ALLIMAND Group CEO. “We presented our R&D pilot machines and our know-how on papers they didn’t produce until now. Progressively, our customer explained the desire to explore new nonwoven papers. The ALLIMAND R&D teams got to work… The idea to design a hybrid machine started to take shape… Over the months, our customer wished to increase production. Today, they have a machine not only adapted for pilot trials but also with a semi-industrial production capacity”.

The ALLIMAND Group offer: a hybrid machine: a new revolutionary concept

The ALLIMAND Group has extensive pilot experience and offers its customers the possibility to test their papers and prove that the equipment is perfectly adapted to their needs. The concept is revolutionary: it combines two existing technologies, high value-added speciality papers and nonwoven papers.

“We provided the tools enabling our customer to quickly change processes and simultaneously test applications, while having complete control over optimization costs and cost price” explains Yann COUILLAUD, ALLIMAND Deputy Sales Manager.

An example: The press section is entirely upgradable and the paper sort can be easily changed depending on the type of paper, creping, pressed with one or two nips… etc.

A paper and nonwoven machine concept that can be reproduced for other customers worldwide

As the project progressed, ALLIMAND developed bespoke solutions for its customer.

ALLIMAND has of course accompanied its customer through important training courses; machine operation, automation and maintenance training for the operators and machine development training for the management.

This concept opens doors to a very important market of paper makers, conscious of developing their own products, from applied Research & Development, in order to offer their own customers complete production versatility.

The ALLIMAND Group’s added value remains in its capacity to innovate and accompany its customers in R&D, with the aim to then sell complete machines for industrialization and made to measure solutions. It’s a win-win operation with high potential and a concept that can be reproduced for other customers worldwide.

Year 2017: ALLIMAND Group is experiencing growth momentum !


International – Paper & Nonwovens machines:
Ahead of the 3rd Papermakers Union Meeting (November 21-22)
Year 2017:
ALLIMAND Group is experiencing growth momentum !

Ahead of the 3rd Papermakers Union meeting which will be held in Grenoble from 21 to 22 November, the ALLIMAND Group, designer, manufacturer of paper and nonwovens machines, recognized for its innovation strategy, highlights the challenges during 2017. Implementation and reconstruction of high value added paper and nonwovens machines, a new deployment strategy in North America and R & D investments, enable it to experience growth momentum around the world.

Numerous commissioning of high added value specialty paper machines

“Our high added value paper machines are present all over the world on two levels: new machines especially this year in France, the United States and China. We also recorded orders for the rebuild of paper and board machines destined for France, Holland, England, Indonesia and North Africa” said Franck RETTMEYER, CEO of ALLIMAND Group.

A new deployment strategy in North America

In the United States, the acquisition of the American company INTERWEB, which is specialized in Nonwovens machines, is being completed in late 2016, resulting in the deployment of a new organization, in line with the approved business plan.

The first North American orders were registered and a major investment in the Nonwovens pilot machine from the ALLIMAND Competence Center is underway and will be completed by early 2018. This investment will complement the range of tests offered our Customers and Prospects specializing in Nonwovens and the arrival of new ALLIMAND equipment with innovative technology.

2018 – Research & Development: a new family of pneumatic Headbox
In terms of Research and Development, ALLIMAND will introduce in the beginning of 2018 a new family of pneumatic Headbox with profile control by dilution.