International – Paper and nonwoven machines :
The ALLIMAND Group innovates and propels its clients into R&D: a “win-win” hybrid machine concept

Constantly pushed by the high value-added paper markets, nonwovens and specific customer requests, the ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper and nonwoven machines, renowned for its innovation strategy, has just launched a new concept: offer its customers the chance to develop their own products on a pilot and semi-industrial “hybrid” machine. Result? A win-win concept, generator of high added value not only for the group but also for its customers…

The initial customer’s need: a pilot machine and “low industrial production”, geared towards research & development
“November 2015: One of our loyal customers, based in Asia, contacted us to order a machine for R&D on traditional speciality papers”, explains Franck RETTMEYER, ALLIMAND Group CEO. “We presented our R&D pilot machines and our know-how on papers they didn’t produce until now. Progressively, our customer explained the desire to explore new nonwoven papers. The ALLIMAND R&D teams got to work… The idea to design a hybrid machine started to take shape… Over the months, our customer wished to increase production. Today, they have a machine not only adapted for pilot trials but also with a semi-industrial production capacity”.

The ALLIMAND Group offer: a hybrid machine: a new revolutionary concept

The ALLIMAND Group has extensive pilot experience and offers its customers the possibility to test their papers and prove that the equipment is perfectly adapted to their needs. The concept is revolutionary: it combines two existing technologies, high value-added speciality papers and nonwoven papers.

“We provided the tools enabling our customer to quickly change processes and simultaneously test applications, while having complete control over optimization costs and cost price” explains Yann COUILLAUD, ALLIMAND Deputy Sales Manager.

An example: The press section is entirely upgradable and the paper sort can be easily changed depending on the type of paper, creping, pressed with one or two nips… etc.

A paper and nonwoven machine concept that can be reproduced for other customers worldwide

As the project progressed, ALLIMAND developed bespoke solutions for its customer.

ALLIMAND has of course accompanied its customer through important training courses; machine operation, automation and maintenance training for the operators and machine development training for the management.

This concept opens doors to a very important market of paper makers, conscious of developing their own products, from applied Research & Development, in order to offer their own customers complete production versatility.

The ALLIMAND Group’s added value remains in its capacity to innovate and accompany its customers in R&D, with the aim to then sell complete machines for industrialization and made to measure solutions. It’s a win-win operation with high potential and a concept that can be reproduced for other customers worldwide.