ALLIMAND Group undergoes a 360° digital turnaround with the launch of its new website

Aware of the impact digital marketing and social media have on a company today (communication, marketing, sales, customer relations), the ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper and fiber mat machines since 1850, undergoes a complete digital turnaround with the launch of its new website.

Shaping, structuring the outline of its new corporate strategy, the Group, on the lookout for the latest web 3.0 trends, clearly defines a new vision of the customer relationship.
Focused around the base line “AGILITY FOR…”, ALLIMAND’s new website demonstrates -if needed- its ability to adapt to the market and its customer’s needs in “start-up mode”, that is to say, acting in real time to deal with changes. “Being agile means responding, reacting. Not remaining trapped in the concepts, organization methods and structures of the past: “To think out of the box”. The goal is to always remain in control whatever the circumstances,” argues Fabrice GILET, ALLIMAND Sales Director.

The new website: in response to strong market development

From the home page, the emphasis is put on the ALLIMAND Group’s organization and communication orientated towards excellence and high level expertise and innovation in R&D. “Beyond the objective of presenting a clearer picture of the company’s activity, we hope that every customer can relate to the website and position the ALLIMAND Group as a partner,” he adds. “Optimizing a wider communication towards all market players, whatever their status, function or position in the company, became essential in the context of strengthening our marketing strategy”.

A 360° turnaround for ALLIMAND: refined graphic design, easy and intuitive navigation

Very customer orientated, consistent with the needs of the papermaker, the new website aims to be more accessible. “Paradoxically, given the complexity of our business and the large size of our machines, we sought to simplify things with a clean and clear web design, use of generic visuals and easy and intuitive navigation. The new website is refined, dynamic and reassuring” says Philippe COUDURIER, Industrial Designer and artistic advisor for the design of the website.”

A responsive design, a multilingual website

Professional showcase of high added value products, the website naturally has a responsive design, allowing users to consult on their computers, smartphones and tablets. The site will be translated initially into Spanish and Chinese, and then German and Japanese, to meet the requirements of the main target markets of the Group.


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