(Personal data and cookies)

The purpose of this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy is to describe and inform you of the way ALLIMAND uses and protects the personal data that you send to us.
Please note that this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy may be amended or completed at any time, in particular to comply with any changes to legislation, regulations or case law.
1. Identity of the Data Controller
ALLIMAND, whose head office is located at 250 Avenue Jean Jaurès 38140 RIVES – France, is the Data Controller.
Phone: + 33 (0)4 76 91 25 00; Fax: + 33 (0)4 76 91 07 76
2. Purposes of the processing
ALLIMAND may process your Personal Data for the purposes of:
(a) Providing its customers and potential customers with commercial offers,
(b) Implementing and executing the commercial agreements entered into between ALLIMAND and its customers,
(c) Contacting you with regard to various events related to ALLIMAND,
(d) Informing you of all the technical changes and improvements made to our products,
(e) Complying with all legal obligations (Statements made, where applicable, to the different national and international institutional bodies).
3. Types of data
The collected data permits the identification of a natural person and is mainly comprised of:
▪ Surname,
▪ First and middle name(s),
▪ Business e-mail addresses,
▪ Business telephone numbers,
▪ Functions,
▪ Professional history (service providers).
4. Recipients
ALLIMAND may transmit your Personal Data:
(b) To third party Companies or Bodies, if the commercial agreements require action from said third party Companies or Bodies,
(c) Further to a court order.
5. Storage period
Your Personal Data shall be stored by ALLIMAND for the time required for the purpose of the data collection and/or for the period corresponding to the service life of our systems (technical traceability).
6. Rights related to data protection
You have the rights detailed below with regard to your Personal Data. To exercise said rights, please contact us at the postal address mentioned in Paragraph 1 above.
A. Right of access to and communication of the Data
You are entitled to access your own Personal Data.
However, due to the security and confidentiality requirements that must be met by ALLIMAND when processing Personal Data, you are informed that your request will be processed on the condition that you provide proof of your identity, namely by producing a scanned copy of your valid identity card or a signed and certified true photocopy of your valid identity card.
ALLIMAND informs you that it will have the right, as necessary, to reject all obviously improper applications (due to their quantity or their repetitive or systematic nature).
B. Right to rectification of the Data
Pursuant to this right, the law entitles you to request the rectification, updating, locking or erasure of your own Personal Data and which may be inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete.
C. Right to object
This right may only be exercised in one of the two situations described below:
1. When this right is exercised based on legitimate grounds, or
2. When this right is exercised to prevent the use of the collected data for marketing purposes.
7. Response times
Before we respond to your request, we may verify your identity and/or ask you to provide us with more information.
ALLIMAND shall respond to your request for access, rectification or objection or to any other request for additional information within the period provided for by the law.
8. Subsidiaries and transfer to a third country within the European Union or outside the European Union
ALLIMAND informs you that it will use its 3 subsidiaries to facilitate the collection and processing of the data:
▪ APMS – Spain
▪ AMES – China
9. Authorised service providers and transfer to a third country within the European Union
ALLIMAND informs you that it uses authorised intermediaries (Agents) to facilitate the collection and processing of the data.
Said Agents may be situated outside the European Union.
10. Filing a complaint with the authority having jurisdiction
If you consider that ALLIMAND does not fulfil its obligations regarding your Personal Data, you may file a complaint or a request with the authority having jurisdiction. In France, the authority having jurisdiction is the CNIL (the French data protection authority), to which you may transmit a request by e-mail by clicking on this link:
On your first visit to ALLIMAND’s website, you are informed, via a banner in the bottom part of your screen, that information concerning your browsing may be recorded in files named “cookies”. Our policy regarding the use of cookies will allow you to better understand the measures we have implemented with regard to the browsing experience on our website. It will inform you, in particular, of all the cookies present on our website.

1. General information regarding the cookies present on ALLIMAND’s website
ALLIMAND is not the publisher of its own website. However, it has made sure, via its service provider, that cookies will be installed on the hard disk drive of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) only to provide you with a seamless and optimised browsing experience on our website.

2. Configuring your preferences regarding cookies
You may accept or refuse the installation of cookies at any time.
On your first visit to ALLIMAND’s website, a banner appears in the bottom part of your screen briefly explaining the installation of cookies and similar technologies. This banner informs you that if you continue to browse ALLIMAND’s website you consent to the installation of cookies on your device.