ALLIMAND INSTALLS A NEW PILOT MACHINE FOR NONWOVEN PAPERS aimed at accompanying its international customers in the optimization or development of new products

New York state: The company ALLIMAND, whose ambition it is to position itself on the new non-woven market, has just installed a new pilot machine in the United States, the world’s leading paper producing country. This new tool, intended for carrying out tests for non-woven paper, shows the company’s dynamic strategy in the perpetual research of growth drivers.

« Our objectives » explains Fabrice GILET, ALLIMAND’s Sales Director, « are on the one hand, to offer our customers the opportunity to carry out tests in industrial conditions with our own equipment; and on the other hand, to be closer to demand through this new pilot and the exceptional marketing innovation it creates.”

An innovative pilot; extremely adaptable and low cost

This new pilot is capable of carrying out tests on a machine with a realistic operational width and speed for a very wide range of non-woven papers.

Triple benefits for the customer:

  • Economic: the production test samples can be multiplied in different configurations while ensuring low costs for the customer;
  • Marketing : the samples produced allow the customer to test papers on demand, and intended for their own final customers;
  • Strategic : Allimand’s innovation capacity and demonstration of its know-how is particularly comforting for its customers and reinforces the trust between the two parties.

Furthermore, these product tests in the United States can be completed by other supplementary tests, resulting from specific functional needs required by products being developed.

Strategic tests for international needs

This new strategic pilot meets the 4 main objectives of Allimand’s customers wishing to diversify their markets, develop new products, increase their production capacity and even modify their existing machines.

And the market potential is not just limited to within American borders; the whole world is targeted…!

NB: Definition Pilot: A paper machine used for carrying out tests, capable of producing paper samples meeting customer’s needs prior to the construction or modification of a machine for a customer or within the framework of product development.