Allimand contributes to the development of high value-added nonwoven and composite products thanks to its dedicated long fibre pilot machine.
Equipped with a stock preparation line (tank, pumps, agitators, refiners), this pilot centre has already been operated for many different raw materials:

  • Natural fibres: flax, abaca
  • Synthetic fibres: viscose rayon, polypropylene, polyethylene
  • Hi-tec fibres: carbon, aramid, Teflon
  • Mineral fibres: glass fibre, micro glass fibre, glass wool

Allimand’s inclined double layer Hydrofiber headbox combined with a TAD means that quality results can be achieved, similar to the product to be commercialised.

Pilot line characteristics:

  • Width: 300 mm
  • Mechanical design speed: 400 m/min
  • Electrical drive speed: 300 m/min

The pilot trials allow nonwoven and composite producers to:

  • Develop products which meet their market demands
  • Assist the sales approach of their products
  • Limit the industrialisation and commercialisation risks

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The Allimand shoe press pilot can test and approve the dynamic behavior of innovative technical solutions requested by paper and fibre mat producers.

Numerous measurements are carried out on line to monitor the mechanical, hydraulic and automatism variables.
Pilot characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 1800 m/min
  • Maximum pressure: 1400 kN/m
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Shoe press diameter: 1270 mm
  • Counter press diameter: 1546 mm
  • Power: 315 kW


The Allimand coating and saturation pilot offers the possibility to test new sauces, impregnations and mechanical configurations for new fibre applications.
Apart from the development of new products, this coating pilot machine offers a wide range of tests (SC Sizer, curtain coating, applicator rod or blade coating) including the optimization of existing products and reduction of surface treatment costs.
Pilot characteristics:

  • Speed: 80 to 800 m/min
  • Sheet width: 550 mm
  • Reel diameter: 1100 m/min
  • Spool inside diameter: 76 and 752 mm


Calendering paper, board and fibre mats defines their smoothness, porosity, thickness and gloss.
Allimand makes a soft calender pilot, equipped with a physical testing laboratory, available to its customers. The analysis laboratory allows the calendering results to be examined immediately.
Pilot characteristics:

  • Sheet width: 1000 mm
  • Linear pressure: 350 kN/m
  • Counter roll maximum surface temperature: 250°C
  • Maximum speed: 1500 m/min


Allimand makes a refining pilot available to its customers to carry out refining tests on all types of stock.

Refining is a particularly energy consuming stage in the paper making process. Its optimization can not only enable huge savings but also define the optimum fibre ratios in order to obtain the paper characteristics sought by the market.

With this Allimand refining pilot, it is possible to carry out tests to optimise the refining process in terms of the refining cycle, electricity consumption, fibrous composites. The fibres that can be tested are cellulosic fibres from resinous and broadleaved trees, natural fibres (hemp, abaca, …) and synthetic fibres.


This pilot controls the stability and performance of the “S4” hydraulic headbox.

With this pilot, it is possible to simulate several operational configurations in order to ensure an even jet and check the influence the cross direction basis weight control has on local areas. Technological evolutions of the “S4” hydraulic headbox can also be checked and tested on this pilot machine.

Innovation award – Paper Industry Technical Association – ATIP.