Enhancing the image of the metalworking industry a group of adults going through a professional reconversion visit ALLIMAND

Following the widely expressed concern of the region’s business owners regarding the image of industrial professions, in particular those of the metalworking industry, the job centre for the Voiron and Sud-Grésivaudan areas decided to organize a series of visits to different companies in the region. ALLIMAND, a leading company in the design and manufacture of paper machines and well established in the area, was the first to accept the offer…

Behind this idea: an HR metal industry survey
“A survey was carried out concerning human resources in the metal industry which helped establish the needs with regards to skills and more generally the needs for accompaniment in human resource management. This survey enabled the job centre and its partners to identify the interesting approaches to take in favour of employment, training and generally safeguarding career paths” explains Abderrahman LACHKAR, HR team leader.

ALLIMAND: A socially responsible company
“We accepted to welcome the group because ALLIMAND not only strongly supports the metal industry professions but also finds it important to make people aware of the diverse professions that exist in the company and allow each person to find their own interest” explains Michel FERRERO, General Secretary. The target public, representing different profiles and potentially interested by metal industry professions: job seekers, professional reconversions, young people seeking orientation, recruitment professionals, elected members of parliament and institutional representatives (state, region…), quickly came forward. More than 25 people participated in the visit of the company on the 24th of April.

Programme of the visit
Three professions of the metal industry were presented through the projection of three films, followed by a presentation of the company ALLIMAND and discussions with the management.

Emphasis on qualification and employment perspectives
“In a changing world, reinforcing the qualification of Human Resources and better orientating them with local employment perspectives is the main concern for local communities. This is one of the job centres main priorities” concludes Abderrahman LACHKAR.