To meet with the needs for diversifying paper types and the increasing demand for new surface applications: the “SC-Sizer” is innovative technology & boosts the development of new market shares…!

After the latest announcement made for our new shoe press pilot called “FAROS”, ALLIMAND, designer and manufacturer of paper machines and paper industry equipment based in the Rhône-Alpes region, continues its dynamic growth and strengthens its position by offering a new technology : the SC- SIZER in order to target new markets …

Market context

The level of customer demands is growing both in quality and quantity, i.e. for the paper surface finish: resistance, silky feel, enlarged functionalities … etc. To find out an answer to these challenges encountered for all paper types (paper industry, wrapping, paperboard box , labels, etc..), ALLIMAND’s Research & Development Department has designed a new technology at the beginning of year 2012 aimed at making it easier to apply foreign products on the paper sheet in order to alter the surface finish easily. Let’s focus on …

Enlarged applications

« With the launch of 1st technology « A-Sizer » a few years ago, ALLIMAND has developed further this technology with the « SC-Sizer » to increase its offer to customers and meet with their needs for diversifying paper types along with enlarged possibilities for paper surface applications » explains Simon CENA, ALLIMAND’s Managing Director.

How to ease work & optimize machine operators’ performance

The simplification of the main functions of the SC-Sizer head – locking the applicator rod, adjusting the head position – enables one hand to extend applications and on another hand to ease work for paper machine operators. « This shift in the design of head manufacturing optimizes the machine cleaning thanks to a greater visibility of the access areas. It also increases operators’ safety » says Simon CENA.

With a very compact size the SC-Sizer head can easily be installed to replace existing obsolete heads enabling a significant gain of space in most cases.

How to produce more with a higher quality standard & target new markets

The paper manufacturers will be in a position to offer new innovative products to their customers and save energy due to a reduced drying time for the paper sheet after the coating process.

The SC-Sizer will thus open new markets to ALLIMAND and makes it possible to win several projects by offering market opportunities for speciality or wrapping papers for example. The SC-Sizer has proved to be a business success with references in Europe and Asia.