The group SIAM CEMENT is a key player in Thailand’s industry and is present in many sectors such as the building trade, food industry and the paper & board industry.

Its Thailand’s leading group in the paper & board industry due not only to its paper production capacities for packaging but also its machines which are located throughout Thailand and which attract regular investment allowing the mills to maintain high productivity and performance levels.

THAI KRAFT, Wang-Sala mill in Kanchanaburi, is one of the largest liner board production mills in Thailand. Its paper machine 6 specializes in the production of cover paper for packaging with a basis weight ranging from 125 g/m² to 335 g/m².
After taking the order in April 2011, the start of a new venture between the Group SIAM CEMENT and ALLIMAND, the French paper & board machine manufacturer rebuilt the machine 6 in May 2012 in view of improving the quality and mechanical characteristics of the paper produced on this machine.

This order mainly entailed the installation of a starch deposit station on the machine 6, which wasn’t already equipped with one, followed by a new 8 dryer post-dryer part. The main objective of this installation was to carry out the starch deposit and therefore obtain better bursting and “ring crush test” characteristics while keeping the same original raw material.

ALLIMAND installed an SC-Sizer, a deposit system by film transfer, allowing the dry deposit and starch consistency levels to be adapted in order to optimize the sheet characteristics while maximizing energy saving by reducing sheet rewetting.

The ALLIMAND SC-Sizer is based on the principle that the operators who must constantly master the complex paper making processes, therefore deserve to have production tools combining production simplicity and efficiency.

ALLIMAND has used its latest developments to design and build this SC-Sizer which with its simplified settings, perfectly gauges the starch deposit and maximizes equipment efficiency.

During the machine 6 shutdown, ALLIMAND carried out a turnkey installation including not only the installation of the SC-Sizer, post-dryer part and hood, the relocation of the calender and existing reel, and the delivery of the starch preparation system, coupling and piping of all this equipment, but also the engineering including the steam & condensate system and ventilation system.

Following this shutdown, the machine commissioning was carried out under the supervision of a team of ALLIMAND specialists. From the first reels produced, the paper showed signs of improved mechanical characteristics which even exceeded the guaranteed levels therefore providing the machine with new possibilities on a local and international scale.

This successful reconstruction opens doors to new opportunities as the group SIAM CEMENT has several other production lines which could greatly benefit from this kind of improvement: no doubt the ALLIMAND SC-Sizer will soon interest many other paper makers within the group SIAM CEMENT.