The Rhone-Alpes region is an important industrial region which generates the second largest high value added industrial sector in the country and represents 12.5% of the national industrial activity.

It benefits from a solid productive base, with high export and a particularly diversified portfolio of activities. Rhone-Alpes industry is renowned for its intermediary assets (chemical, plastic, metal transformation) and its equipment assets (mechanical, electrical) and is particularly rich in hi-tech activities (fundamental, micro and nanotechnology research centres).

Offering profession based engineering courses with 36 laboratories and reputable R&D services in the scientific and global industry sectors, the Rhone-Alpes region provides an extraordinary resource for Allimand for recruiting competent individuals who will contribute to the growth of the company.

Allimand takes full advantage of this particularly dynamic industrial and educational environment to ensure the continual development and competitiveness of the company with regards to high value added and highly technical paper and fibre mat markets.